Banking where your best interests come first.

High, market-based interest. Low account fees.
FDIC insurance. Premium experience.

Galileo Money+ is available exclusively through select financial advisors.

Our Banking Philosophy

We believe our clients’ best interests should come ahead of our own. We seek to be transparent, consistent and fair in our stewardship of your money.

High, Market-Based Interest​

Our interest rate calculation methodology is transparent and tied to the market. You receive a majority of what we earn on your deposits.


Galileo Money+

Typical Banks


Transparent Calculation


Monthly Service Fees

Low Account Fees

No monthly service fees—ever. And the fees we do charge are straightforward and under your control.

Premium Experience

Our mobile app is modern and easy to use. And, the sleek design of the Galileo Money+ debit Mastercard will impress friends and colleagues. Both are paired with white-glove customer service.

An account for spending and an account for wealth accumulation. You get both when you sign up for Galileo Money+.

Spending Account

For Day-to-Day Spending

+ 0.92% APY Interest1
+ FDIC insurance
+ Mastercard Debit Card

+ $0 Monthly Service Fee
+ 32,000 No-Fee ATMs
+ Online Billpay

Plus Account

For Wealth Accumulation

+ 1.69% APY Interest1
+ FDIC insurance
+ $0 Monthly Service Fee

Galileo Money+ Empowers Financial Advisors.

Financial Advisors may offer clients their own white-labeled bank account.

More Market Share

Galileo Money+ bank accounts attract new clients and increase existing relationships’ wallet share.

New Assets

Compete for $10 trillion+2 sitting nearly idle in bank checking and savings accounts. High net worth Americans average $450,000 in bank deposits.3

100% Turnkey

Integrating Galileo Money+ into your business is easy. There is $0 direct initial or ongoing expense.

New Revenue

Earn up to a 1.00 percent fee on the money your clients keep with Galileo Money+.  

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Contact the Galileo Money+ Team

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Galileo Money+
Managing Director

Rockefeller Center
1270 Avenue of the Americas
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